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CA IDMS Performance Monitoring

PMDC Diagram>


PMDC Features

The only single-vendor supplied CA IDMS performance management package that provides:

  • an Internal Online Real-Time Central Version monitor.
  • an External Online Central Version monitor.
  • complete statistical LOGGING to VSAM or SMF and not the DC LOG.
  • statistics capture and reporting using the industry standard SASİ software.
  • Command Center(CVCC) to monitor multiple CVs from one terminal.
  • CA MICS and MXG user components.
  • UCDC to capture a complete image of an active CV region for later off-line analysis using standard PMDC online menus and screens.
  • Familiar user-friendly TSO-like command structure.
  • Full online HELP using PF1 plus Tutorials.



Basic Monitoring

External Monitor and Command Center

Statistics Capture and Reporting

CV Dump Capture and Analysis

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