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An Innovative Extension of The Industry-Leading CA IDMS Replication Toolset





We combine our extensive experience with CA IDMS Replication to IMS.


We take IMS DBDs and convert them to the preferred Target RDBMS' DDL. The process is easy to maintain because we use the DARSWIN Component of our DARSTRAN Replication Suite as the source and respository for the Target RDBMS DDL and data transformation rules.


DARSTRAN IMS provides a utility to reformat an IMS extract file into the standard DARSTRAN Initial Load File Format for efficient processing on the Target platform.


Initial Load data formatting and transformation is performed using the standard DARSTRAN software on the Target Platform of choice.


If the Initial Load Target RDBMS is running under z/OS, DARSTRAN formats the data for the RDBMS' Load Utility software.


Supported mainframe, zLinux and non-mainframe Target RDBMS platforms include CA IDMS SQL, DB2, MS SQLServer, MySQL, Oracle and Sybase.


There is no requirement to copy the client's database files for processing off site. All IMS and Target RDBMS processing is performed at the client's site under the client's scrutiny and security control.

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